★★★★★ Stunning coffee. Apparently roasted in Cornwall. Not a dark roast but a great coffee flavour. Walked past this place for a number of years and always enjoyed the aroma. Went in this year for the first time then couldn’t get enough – ★★★★★ Lovely friendly staff great coffee and iced coffee. Husband enjoyed your coffee cake. Thank you – ★★★★★ Proper coffee with proper cakes and friendly staff. Selection of sandwiches in the fridge – ★★★★★ Had coffee in here almost everyday, sad I know! Coffee is great as are the staff and snacks. Highly recommend

Creating the Cornish Gems Exclusive St Ives Chilly’s bottle

Cornish Gems and The Coffee Lounge are so excited at the introduction of the St Ives Chilly’s bottle. Designed by local artist and Coffee Lounge manager, Emma Fashokun, the bottle features an engraved view of the historic harbour that is so recognisable to locals and visitors alike.

Initial idea sketches

The design process began with an idea to encapsulate an image that was intrinsically St Ives that could be reproduced accurately within the narrow confines of a 500 ml Chilly bottle.

Initial Designs


Initial drawings proved too detailed for the engraving process and so a simplified pen and ink style was adopted.

Simplified line drawings.

There were two final designs to choose from, one featuring Smeatons Pier and the three arches and one showing the entire harbour as seen from the railway station. It was decided to proceed with the latter, as so many St Ives lovers feel it’s that first glimpse of St Ives when you return that tugs the heart strings and makes you return again and again. This represents so many of our Cornish Gems customers who simply fall in love with St Ives and can’t wait to return!

The finished design.

Of course, being a Chilly’s bottle means that your drinks are kept cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours! It is so important to us at The Coffee Lounge to promote sustainable living and the reduction of single use plastics. As such, we are part of the ‘Refill’ scheme that encourages the use of multi use refillable bottles. Find out more at  https://refill.org.uk/


Currently available in matte yellow, matte blue, pastel blue and pastel green the St Ives Chilly’s bottles are in store or online for just £22.99. Get yours here https://www.thecoffeeloungecornwall.com/product/st-ives-chillys-bottle/

St Ives Chilly’s

5 ways to use your Chilly’s bottle:

1: Make your coffee for the car before a road trip, you’ll save ££££’s on expensive service station coffee!

2: Better than a Teasmaid! Keep your tea hot overnight ready for your morning cup of tea without getting out of bed!

3: Headed for a summer picnic or barbeque? Your Chilly’s bottle will keep your wine perfectly chilled in the hot sunshine.

4: Back to school backpacks. Your Chilly’s bottle will not leak all over books and paper.

5: Everyday hydration, keep cool, stay hydrated and carry your Chilly’s bottle everywhere you go.

The Coffee Lounge St. Ives, Cornwall

We offer barista served coffee, speciality loose leaf teas, local patisserie, artisan cakes, tasty, freshly cut sandwiches, bagels and paninis that can be enjoyed at our interior designed premises or to takeaway.